Frequently Asked Questions


1Can I go if I do not ski?

Sure! There are a lot of activities for those who do not ski and also moments in which all the attendees gather, such as dinners and parties.

The pass for the two days is included in the price of the basic pack. If you only want the ski pass for one day you will have a discount of €14.5 per person. If you do not want ski passes at all you receive a discount of €29 per person.
You can indicate this option in the booking form.

2Are you looking for a roommate?

If you come alone and want to share a room with other attendees, do not hesitate to post a message on the wall of the Facebook event or write us a message and we will be happy to introduce you to some others 🙂

3How will I be identified so I can enjoy all the activities at Snow Gay Weekend?

Every participant will be given a bracelet at the time of check-in. Always wear it during the weekend and that’s it!

4If I come by car, where can I park?

There is outdoor parking for all attendees. If you are staying at Aparthotel Augusta underground parking is available.

5I arrive on Thursday and Friday I want to ski, is there transfer service from the resort to the slopes?

Yes! On Friday morning you can use the resort’s transfer service, the departure times are at 09:00 / 10:00 / 11:35 and the pick-up point is at the entrance of the resort.
The timetables to get back on the slopes are 15:40 and 16:40 and the pick-up point is the bus stop in front of the building at the foot of the slopes.

6Can I rent the ski / snowboard equipment?

We offer you the possibility of renting the equipment (ski / snowboard, boots and clubs) at a special price of €10.50 a day or €21 for two days. The equipment can be rented at the store located at the foot of the track and you must present the bracelet of the event that we will give you to enjoy this special price. When you are tired of skiing you can leave the material in the rental shop at the foot of the slopes so you don´t have to load it onto the bus.

7Do I have to pay to go to parties?

Those who have the Snow Gay Weekend bracelet (included in the basic pack) will not have to pay to enter the parties. Drinks are not included.

8What is included in the meals?

· Those who are staying at the Aparthotel Augusta can eat at the hotel restaurant and you will have a menu to choose what you most want. Water, wine and coffee are included.
· Those who are staying at the Hotel Boí Taüll Resort or in the Romànic can eat in the buffet of the restaurant of each hotel. Water, wine and coffee are included.
· Those who are staying at the Pla de l’Ermita Apartments can eat at the Sant Quirze Restaurant buffet, located next to the apartments. Water, wine and coffee are included.

9On Saturday, where can I go to eat on the slopes?

You can eat in the restaurant areas located on the slopes.

10If I stayed at the resort on Saturday, where can I eat?

The restaurants of the hotels will be closed, you will be able to eat in the restaurant of the resort that we will indicate to you soon.

11What does the snow insurance include?

This insurance covers any accident you have on the slopes and includes medical attention and possible transfers. If you do not have this insurance, these services are for a fee and are not included in the pass.

12Can I sign up for an activity later once the reservation has been made?

Absolutely! Send us an email to info@snowgayweekend.com and we will manage it.